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Enjoy Red Carpet-Ready Skin at Head To Toe by Arlene

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Can you feel that? FALL is in the air! The humidity is decreasing, temperatures are dropping (slowly, perhaps, but they ARE dropping), and the leaves are beginning to turn color in response to the changing environment.

Believe it or not, our skin responds much in the way that leaves do: when you see leaves turning color and dropping to the ground, you’ll notice they “crunch” because of lost moisture, in addition to less new-cell turnover that they had when they were young – just a few short months ago.

I hate to be the cause of stress and anxiety, but Fall also means that Holiday Season is just around the corner. (The stores already have that odd combination of Halloween ghouls and Christmas trees in the Seasonal aisles!). With friends and family, parties and PHOTOS coming up quickly, you want to make sure your skin looks and feels its best so you can worry about things like finding enough chairs for your guests and making sure the turkey and potatoes are both ready to serve at the same time.

Healthy skin requires a lifelong commitment, but don’t worry if you’ve been a little lax these last few months. I have a great new tool in my Head To Toe arsenal that will have your skin looking radiant and feeling soft and smooth in no time flat, using the secret celebrities rely on to be Red Carpet-Ready, even after exposing their skin to extreme conditions: the Fire & Ice Facial!

The #1-Selling facial at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Fire & Ice Facial provides dramatic results instantly with no downtime, peeling, or other negative side effects.

The Fire & Ice Facial is an anti-aging technique that resurfaces your skin, leaving it smoother and softer than before, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging hydration and renewal at the cellular level. Best of all, Fire & Ice is SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – and it’s available at Head To Toe by Arlene by appointment!

We’re all stars in our own right. Don’t we deserve to shine?

Call today – 404-218-0518, or visit – to find out more, or to book your FIRE & ICE FACIAL appointment.

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

Minimalism and the Aging Process

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Minimalism is defined by letting go of the things that are unnecessary, in favor of keeping those things that please us.

In that case, I would argue that anti-aging falls into this trend: we’re minimizing the lines, wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging, in favor of the youthful look that pleases us and makes us feel pleased with our appearance.

Minimalist philosophy requires that we find out just what it is that makes us happiest, versus where we spend our money. We often say we “can’t afford” something we say we value, but we spend a fortune eating out, or we buy the latest smart phone or gadget or tchotchke.

A recent article in Elephant Journal suggests that a person can afford the things they consider priorities, which includes things like the healthy diet, exercise programs, and skincare regimens that will help keep them looking and feeling their best!

I talk to a lot of people who love the results of their facial, but don’t prioritize their ongoing skin care, including products and practices at home in between regular appointments.

At Head To Toe by Arlene, I research the latest technology and products that promote healthy skin and minimize the aging process, and I recommend a treatment that is customized for each client’s unique skin type, problem areas, and goals.

Some clients choose injectibles to lift and tone their skin, while others prefer Dermaplaning, Hydrafacial, Microdermabrasion, or Radiofrequency – or a combination of these.

Regardless of which antiaging method they choose, maintaining good habits in between treatments is important to achieving the best results. These include using products that are formulated for their skin type – not one-size-fits-all, over-the-counter products – and my medical-grade sunscreen that uses zinc oxide and water instead of chemicals.

Call us today and start minimizing the wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging in your skin. Call Head To Toe by Arlene at 404-218-0518 or visit our website at

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

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How To Get an A+ in Back-To-School Skincare

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Fourth of July supplies clear from the store shelves just in time for Back To School sales. Here in Georgia, we’re just a few weeks away from the new school year, so it’s time for last-minute vacations, marching band and football practices, and overwhelmed parents armed with school supply lists to make sure their offspring have the latest and greatest required items.

By mid-August, it’s time for college students to return to campus and move into their dorms or college apartments – with their rations of school supplies, as well.

So, what’s on the list for the best-prepared students of the 2015-2016 School Year? Here are just a few of the items you’ll need for a successful back-to-school experience:

  • Dry-Erase Board for lockers and dorm doors
  • Laptop and flash drives, in addition to traditional spiral and looseleaf notebooks
  • Pencils – both mechanical and traditional Yellow #2s
  • Pens – class lists include Black, Blue and Red ink pens for each student
  • Lunchbox and Reusable Containers for sandwiches, chips, fruit, and snacks.
  • First-Day-of-School Outfit – including comfortable (but trendy) shoes
  • BPH-free Reusable Water Bottles – because hydration is important at every age
  • Elta MD Skincare Products – for maximum skin protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Because planning, shopping, and sending the kids back to school is stressful, Moms – and Dads! – make sure a soothing facial, waxing, and massage with Head To Toe by Arlene is on your Back-To-School to-do list. And if running around with the kids for the past two months has given you a few extra laugh lines (ahem!), you can erase those, too. (Oh – did we mention erasers? Make sure those are on your kid’s list!)

Seriously, education is important at ANY AGE, and you won’t learn the proper techniques for caring for your skin in biology class – or even health class. You’ll learn all you need to know about keeping your skin hydrated, maintaining a regular skin care regimen (specific to your specific needs and skin type), and wearing the proper sunscreen for your sun exposure and activity levels can help keep your skin looking and feeling like you’re a college coed.

No pop-quizzes here. Visit Head To Toe by Arlene and learn how to get an A+ in skincare! Call 404-218-0518, or visit

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

Giving the Perfect Gift This Father’s Day

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day?

According to an informal poll of men who are fathers themselves, gifts they’d most like to receive have to do with their hobbies: golf, grilling, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. Also on the list include gadgets, such as speaker systems, tablets, smart phones, and devices that allow them tostream TV shows and movies to their portable devices.

Whether Dad’s pursuits have him indoors or out, chances are that he’ll be spending SOME time in the sun this summer. And while he’s pursuing leisure activities or spending time with his adoring family, the health of his skin is likely the last thing on his mind – even while he’s poolside, reapplying sunscreen to his child’s shoulders, or making sure his kid has the latest sweat-resistant sunblock for the lacrosse field.

Dad’s skin has special needs, and Head To Toe by Arlene has the technology, services, and products to make Dad’s skin look and feel fabulous, and keep it that way!

Men feel comfortable visiting Arlene to have their backs waxed or their faces deep-cleaned. And they trust her to recommend the products that help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate their appearance, and protect their skin from the sun – from balding pate to Weekend Warrior toes.

Dad carries the latest smart phone – he doesn’t need a watch. And skip buying another golf shirt or tie – chances are he likes to make his own decisions about fashion. But show him you love him enough to pay attention to his needs this Father’s Day. Buy him that fishing lure he’s had his eye on, or the putter that will help him improve his game, but include a Gift Certificate to Head To Toe by Arlene, and add a little extra glow to his smile!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21.

Call 404-218-0518 or visit

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

Do You Know What’s In Your Sunscreen?

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Whoever wrote the poem about April Showers must have been referring to this year, when we experienced one of the rainiest Aprils on record in Georgia since the 1950s.

The next line of the poem is “Brings May Flowers.” But we could also mention how May’s sunshine beckons us outdoors to enjoy the plethora of almost-summer activities (although such a line wouldn’t rhyme nearly as well with the first line of the poem!)

When you’re outside, soaking up the sun, I’m sure you’re wearing a medical grade sunscreen, reapplied according to the guidelines, to protect your skin from harmful rays that cause premature aging and increase your risk for skin cancer.

If you regularly visit Head To Toe by Arlene, you’ll be familiar with Elta MD Skincare, broad-spectrum body & facial sun protection products that are suitable for all skin types, as well as facial sunscreen products formulated for specific skin types.

Instead of slathering on a layer of over-the-counter sunscreen that contains a cornucopia of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, some of which are under scrutiny from dermatologists and other health care professionals, the ingredients in Elta MD’s line of sun protection products are those you’re familiar with: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, vitamins, and purified water. Depending on the formula you use, your Elta MD sunscreen may contain Bees Wax, Hyaluronic Acid or other organic compounds.

  • Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral compound that reflects and scatters both UVA and UBA rays
  • Vitamin E and Vitamin C are antioxidants that reduce free radicals to help diminish visible signs of aging
  • Titanium Dioxide is a natural mineral that reflects and scatters UV radiation
  • Octinoxate is an organic compound that helps to increase UV protection
  • Hyaluronic Acid reduces flaking and restores suppleness by helping the skin retain moisture.

Arlene will help you determine which Elta MD sunscreen is right for you, depending on your skin type, outdoor activities, and specific needs.

While you’re there, be sure to schedule your facial and experience the new Zoner Anti-Age Trilogy machine, which incorporates Infrared LED Light Therapy to stimulate cellular regeneration, increase blood flow, and carry vitamins and nutrients to your skin’s cells, for a healthier, more radiant complexion year ’round!

Call 404-218-0518 or visit for more information.

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

Relax, Rejuvenate & Reapply – Sunscreen Reminders

Monday, April 6th, 2015

The first day of Spring may fall in mid-March by the calendar, but if you live in Georgia, the official herald of Spring is the yellow pollen that coats everything in its path. And in the upcoming weeks, Springtime activities will begin to fill the weekends as well: Spring Break, Steeplechase, Mother’s Day, Graduation, rounds of golf, tennis matches, backyard grilling, driving the convertible, and plain old Weekend Warrior yard work.

What do they all have in common? Well, if we’re lucky, clear skies with LOTS of sunshine…which means an increase in the use of SUNSCREEN!

Choosing the right sunscreen can be overwhelming, given the proliferation of products, terms, SPF protection, and combination of chemicals used. Individuals with allergies, sensitive skin, and more, may find that their sunscreen irritates their skin almost as much as getting a sunburn.

“Less is more, when it comes to the number of active ingredients in your sunscreen, but more is more when it comes to the proper amount of sunscreen to apply when spending time outdoors,” says Arlene Manning, of Head To Toe by Arlene.

Since sunscreen products most effectively prevent exposure to dangerous UVA and UVB rays when used every day – and reapplied several times throughout the day – consumers can rest assured that they are using a product that is safe and effective when it contains non-chemical, non-hormonal ingredients, such as zinc oxide and water.

“Because Head To Toe is a Med Spa, partnered with a Medical Director, we are able to offer a full line of medical-grade broad-spectrum sun care products that prevents sunburn and, if used as directed, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun,” Arlene says.

Arlene recommends Elta MD skincare products to her clients. “It contains zinc oxide, a natural mineral that is safe for most skin types and blocks the widest spectrum of harmful rays,” she says.

Unlike other zinc oxide sun protection products, Elta MD Sunscreen products are formulated with transparent zinc oxide, resulting in a protective layer without the thick, white “paste” associated with traditional zinc products. Elta MD Sunscreens are noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free, making them safe and effective, even for those with sensitive skin or prone to conditions such as rosacea, acne, or hyperpigmentation.

When you visit for your next waxing, facial, or injectables appointment at Head To Toe by Arlene, be sure to ask about the sunscreen and other skincare products recommended for your specific needs. Head To Toe clients receive 10% off products purchased at the time of a skincare service!

Call 770.993.7270 for your appointment today. And be sure to join our MAILING LIST at to stay informed of all of our EVENTS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, and SPECIALS!

See you at the spa, dah-ling!

Therapy That’s Beneficial From Head To Toe

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Did you know that your skin has different needs to help it stay smooth, hydrated, and healthy each season?

Did you know that the products you use (and love) in February may not be what your skin needs in April? Or that what you use at home may not work the same at the beach over Spring Break?

When dry skin or (gasp!) wrinkles, brown spots or acne appear on your skin, do you know what to do?

Thankfully, Arlene Manning, skincare specialist and esthetician at Head To Toe by Arlene, knows how to identify your skin’s triggers and problem areas, and can recommend the products and therapeutic skin care regimen that is just the right fit for you.

Although it feels like we just rang in the New Year, Spring Break is just around the corner. Sun, surf, and over-the-counter (OTC) sunscreen products can wreak havoc on your skin.

When you book your reservation for your seaside getaway, make one more phone call – to Head To Toe by Arlene. At your facial appointment, Arlene will provide the right combination of services (dermaplaning, Hydrafacial, chemical peel, etc) that will ensure your skin is in top condition before you hit the beach.

Share your vacation plans, and Arlene can offer recommendations to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and provide the medical grade sun-protection products that won’t harm your skin like some OTC products can.

Remember, our skin has been covered up for several months, and “binge exposure” to the elements can have detrimental effects.

When you return from the beach, it will be time to think about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation. Cards, candy, and collectibles may be easy go-to gifts that you can purchase at the drug store or supermarket, but everyone loves looking and feeling younger and more vibrant after a visit to Head To Toe by Arlene!

Arlene offers gift certificates for services that meet the needs of every budget – and a Gift Certificate for our Luxury Med Spa is one-size fits all!

Call 770.973.7270 or visit to book your appointment or reserve your Med Spa Gift Certificate today.

See you at the spa, dahling!

Develop Healthy Habits To Reach Your Goals

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Winter may feel like it’s setting up permanent camp in Georgia, but look around at some of the tiny hints of spring: flocks of robins frequenting your neighborhood, daffodils in bloom in chilly garden beds, runners and cyclists braving the weather to train for upcoming races and charity events, and swimsuits making their debut just in time for Spring Break. There’s also a certain sparkle on the left hands of brides-to-be, who became engaged over Valentine’s Day and are now busy planning summer and fall weddings.

Spring will be here before we know it, and with it a plethora of opportunities to show more skin. And just like training for a marathon or taking steps to fit into the perfect swimsuit or wedding gown, glowing skin that radiates health doesn’t happen overnight.

Thankfully, help is just an appointment away at Head To Toe by Arlene. She evaluates your skin to determine your “problem areas,” listens to find out what you are currently doing and what your goals are, learns about your habits – and hobbies, and helps design a skin care regimen that suits your lifestyle and will have you looking great for whatever events are in your future.

As the weather changes, Arlene will likely perform a Hydrafacial to remove impurities, stimulate follicles, and provide a hydrated, healthy complexion after the first treatment.

She may also recommend Dermaplaning, which removes fine hairs from the surface of your skin, making a cleaner, more even surface for product absorption and efficacy.

Arlene also frequently recommends waxing regularly, beginning several months before you plan to bare a beach body.

And she has a host of products and services with which she can recommend the perfect combination for your unique skin type and needs. Best of all, Arlene practices what she preaches, and is in training to participate in the Ovarian Cycle Ride to Change the Future, on March 7 in Atlanta. The six-hour indoor cycling event is dedicated to raising awareness of the insidious nature of ovarian cancer, while raising funds for the research that will one day provide a cure.

Call 770-973-7270 today to start getting YOUR skin in shape for Spring and Summer.

See you at the spa – or on the cycle – dahling.

Love Your Face This New Year

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

The New Year has officially begun, which means the ornaments, menorahs, and tacky sweaters have been packed away for another year.

It also means stores have decorated for the Next Big Holiday: Valentine’s Day, reminding us that it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore our resolution to Eat Healthier when the temptation is a bunch of fancy little chocolates arranged in a heart-shaped box – whether it is delivered by a loved one, or as a gift to ourselves if we’re in the Relationship Doldrums.

There is, of course, a much better way to feel better about yourself than downing sugar and calories, as well as a way to present your Best Self to yourself and your loved ones, with the LOVE YOUR FACE event, going on now at Head To Toe by Arlene.

Through Valentine’s Day, you and your friends (up to 7 women, total) are invited to spend an evening or an afternoon getting pampered at Arlene’s. Choose from a variety of personalized services, from Dermaplaning and Waxing to Hydrafacial and Peels.

For Injectables clients, you may choose to book a special party for you and up to 5 guests to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve your skin’s texture, and restore your youthful look with Radiesse or Belotera fillers (buy one syringe, receive a second at half price!) with Arlene’s personal on-staff specialist, Candy Morrow, RN. (*Injectables parties are subject to scheduling availability of our Med Spa representative).

4 months after Belotera dermal filler treatment

The world is more beautiful when you look and feel your best. And Arlene draws upon more than 40 years of experience and continuing education as a skin care specialist.

Call today to look great for Valentine’s Day! 770.973.7270.

Put Your Best Face Forward for Picture Perfect Holidays

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Thanksgiving is just a week away (WHAT?!), ushering in the season of alcohol, sugar, stress, lack of sleep, and rounds of get-togethers with friends, relatives – and CAMERAS!

Because they are often candid, or taken in low light with a flash, and we may or may not be a little tipsy or tired when the photo is taken, holiday photos are often less than flattering. While a visit to Head To Toe by Arlene won’t solve the problem of your eyes being closed (or glowing red!), crazy expressions, photo bombs, wardrobe malfunctions, or those unfortunate dance moves that look oh-so-flattering in a still shot (not quite!), Arlene can help alleviate some of the holiday photo blues.


A Hydrafacial is just the thing to ensure you look flawless in every photo. The soft glow of holiday candles or decorative lights might just highlight your healthy, vibrant skin, and your soft, youthful complexion will be the the talk of the party!


It is truly amazing how beautiful brows can transform your entire look, or how much better your make-up looks and feels when applied to smooth skin. Head To Toe by Arlene can remove your unwanted hair with a waxing treatment (brows, lips, legs – or wherever you want to feel smoother!), or microdermabrasion, leaving you with a smooth, flawless look!


Wrinkles in wrapping paper come with the territory. When it comes to your skin, however, it’s a whole other story. Frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet and more don’t have to ruin your look this holiday season – or any time, for that matter! Head To Toe by Arlene is a medical spa that offers injectables, peels, and products specially formulated for your needs and skin type!


You’ll glow in every photo, knowing that your gift will be the perfect fit – for the women and men on your holiday list. A Head To Toe by Arlene Gift Certificate means everyone can be merry and bright – from Head To Toe!

Keeping skin refreshed year ’round can be a challenge, but Arlene has an arsenal of products and services and can recommend the right one to make you look and feel your best… so no more embarrassing holiday photos! Click here for our special menu (prices valid through Dec. 31, 2014) – and call 770.973.7270 for your appointment today… And Happy Holidays from Head To Toe!