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Your Skin and the Lazy Days of Summer

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Maybe it’s because daylight lingers until after eight p.m. Or perhaps we want to re-live the days of our youth, when summer meant long hours by the lake or the pool, grilling our meals outdoors, and driving with the windows open while our favorite tunes blared through the speakers.

Whatever it is, we feel the urge to slow down in summer – even when our jobs, families, and other responsibilities are tugging us in every direction. We fight back a little, take it easy, relax…

But the lazy days of summer take a tremendous toll on our skin, so proper skin care is something we need to make a priority all summer long.

A few tips from Arlene:

  • Sunscreen – before spending long hours by the lake or pool, prepare your skin by applying sunscreen (and reapply no less than every two hours). But not just any sunscreen. Head To Toe by Arlene recommends Elta MD, a medical grade zinc oxide formula that protects your skin from harmful rays without all the chemicals found in popular over-the-counter brands.
  • Hydrafacial – exposure to sun, wind, smoke from the grill, pollution in the air, even the drying effects of air conditioning, dries your skin, leaving it sensitive and dehydrated. A Hydrafacial treatment at Head To Toe by Arlene will help you declare your independence from dry skin. Hydrafacial cleans and exfoliates your skin to remove the dry, dead skin cells, then hydrates and moisturizes the new skin, leaving your complexion radiant and healthy. Best of all, Hydrafacial is safe for all skin types, and can be performed in conjunction with any other skin care treatment.
  • Cleanse – be sure to cleanse your skin each day to remove the environmental pollutants that can clog pores and leave your skin feeling dry and looking lackluster. Arlene cautions against using soap, which can make dry skin worse.
  • Products – you don’t have a face like everybody else’s, so why would you use an over-the-counter skin care product that is “one-size-fits-all”? Arlene carries a full line of B. Kamins, Image Skincare, Tend Skin, and Clarisonic technology, and evaluates your skin (and your habits and lifestyle) to recommend the products that will work best for you.
  • *JULY SPECIAL – In honor of our nation’s birthday (and Arlene’s), we invite you to Declare Your Independence from Dry Skin with a $100 Hydrafacial Treatment (usually $150), July 1 through August 31, 2014.

Call Arlene at 770.973.7270, or email today to schedule your appointment.

Relax and let Arlene pamper you. That’s the right way to enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer!

Make Sure To Include This On Your Holiday Wish List

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Holiday fatigue. It’s easy to fall prey to this affliction – with winter wardrobe displays hitting stores before the crepe myrtles have bloomed, and talk of turkey and travel plans and New Year’s resolutions even before the Fourth of July fireworks have flared and Labor Day grills have provided the staple for summer picnic fare.

Competition to provide “the perfect gift,” prepare “the perfect meal,” host “the perfect party,” and achieve “the perfect body” is enough to make anyone “perfectly crazy.” Perfection is tough to achieve when you don’t have time to sit back and revel in the  moment!

This holiday season, the “perfect” gift is the one you give yourself – and that is TIME for yourself, allowing someone else to pamper you, help you feel relaxed, and bring out the beauty that is hiding behind all of that stress.

Arlene offers a variety of services, from waxing and facials that will leave you feeling smooth and looking radiant; to Microcurrent and Radiofrequency that will banish the fat, lift the skin, and help you look amazing!.

‘Tis the season to sparkle and glow – and an hour with Arlene will help you do that, and sail into the New Year looking and feeling your best!

Arlene has great GIFTS as well! “Like” us on Facebook, and receive 20% off your products purchase through December*.

Call today for YOUR holiday pampering appointment, or secure a gift for someone special – 770-973-7270, or visit

“And we’ll hear you exclaim as you drive out of sight,

Head To Toe by Arlene makes me Merry and Bright!”

Arlene Shares Celebrity Youth Secrets!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Have you ever noticed that the word “celebrity” begins with the same letters as “celebrate”? That’s because we CELEBRATE the talent, good looks, and accomplishments of the stars, just as we should that of ourselves, our families and friends.

The best news is, it’s easier than ever to achieve – and maintain – the youthful good looks shared by so many of the Red Carpet Elite, if you know their secret.

You’re in luck! Head To Toe by Arlene knows all, is willing to “dish”, and is eager to share the results with you. In fact, this secret will have you ready to “wow ‘em” at your next holiday get-together, and have colleagues at your office party wondering when you had time to have a facelift between Lunch Time and Happy Hour!

Lunch Time “Facelift”

“The reason the stars all look so lovely and refreshed on the Red Carpet is that they have radiofrequency and microcurrent the day of, or the day before the awards shows,” says Arlene Manning, of Head To Toe by Arlene.

Ultrasound technology (radiofrequency) breaks up the fat cells so they can be flushed away in the blood stream. A microcurrent treatment then tightens the skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Microcurrent technology has been around for a long time, and Arlene has been performing the treatment for the last six years at her spa. Two years ago, she added radiofrequency to her repertoire, and has found that her clients love the results when the two treatments are combined.

Of course, like any exercise or beauty regimen, the best results occur when clients have regular treatments. “What you’re trying to do is build collagen and stimulate the skin,” Arlene says. And, just like exercise, clients see small changes from the start, but more dramatic differences over time, after multiple treatments.

In fact, results can be so dramatic that many people choose Radiofrequency and Microcurrent as an alternative to plastic surgery.

“Nothing can replace the long-term results of a surgical facelift,” Arlene says. “But for people who don’t want to have surgery, having regular spa treatments gives them great results, and allows them to do something wonderful for themselves.”

And that is certainly something to celebrate!

For more information, or to schedule your appointment, call Head To Toe by Arlene at 770-973-7270, or visit

And be sure to check out Arlene’s YouTube video, all about Celebrity Youth Secrets:

Have A Vajazzling Valentine’s Day!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Massage – check.

Waxing – check.

Sparkly lady parts – ch… What?

That’s right! Valentine’s Day is getting a little sparklier this year, thanks to genuine Swarovski crystals applied directly to your skin for the glitzy, glamorous gift to share with your special someone this holiday.

While tattoos are one way to permanently make a skin statement, Vajazzling is the hottest trend to hit below the belt – or on


the shoulder, hip or wherever you want to add a hint of sparkle!

This sexy, shimmery accessory is known as “skin jewelry,”and can be used alone or as a complement to traditional ink-style body art. While celebrities are sparkling in more camera-ready places (think Lady Gaga’s crystal-encrusted cheekbones), Swarovski is gaining popularity in styles that mimic French bikinis, butterflies and more in other bling-worthy locations (see Jennifer Love Hewitt\’s interview with George Lopez about “precious lady” crystals – where the term “vajazzling” was introduced!)

Head To Toe by Arlene is offering Vajazzling for Valentine’s Day in a variety of styles, applied wherever you would like to add a little extra glitz for the holiday.

Your quality Vajazzle accessory, properly applied by Arlene, should last one to two weeks, and can be saved and re-applied. For best results in the bikini area, Arlene recommends a professional bikini or Brazilian wax before applying the crystal accessories.

Curious? You should be!

Check it out at Head To Toe by Arlene today and give your special someone the Valentine’s Day surprise they won’t soon forget! Call 770.973.7270 or visit our website for more information.

College-Bound with Great Skin

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Graduation is upon us and it’s likely that parents are unable to believe how their little angels have suddenly blossomed into full-grown, college-bound young women.

Their flip-flop-wearing, ponytail-sporting daughters will soon be gracing college campuses around the country, and will need the glowing skin that speaks “college-age adult” instead of “high-school teen.”

The habits that start in college are likely to stay with them their entire lives, so it’s best to instill great grooming habits now – waxing, facials, spa treatments and hair removal, along with the products that they can take with them back to school.

The Clarisonic Mia is a perfect gift for daughters, granddaughters – any young lady who is getting ready to start the next phase of her life in a confident, glowing way.

Call Arlene today to book an appointment to get your daughter started looking fabulous, and to purchase your Clarisonic Mia that makes a great wrapped gift – 770-973-7270.

Head to Toe by Arlene – the best gift you can give your grad this spring!